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Entret Coating Technology Co.,LTD ,located in the yangtze river delta --Jiangyin ,China,is a professional high-tech company dedi... More>>

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“Research and Development” is a long-lasting theme for the enterprise development of ETT.To solve the urgent p... More>>
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Sputtering Targets

Sputtering Targets Our company produces ceramic targets, metal targets, alloy t... More>>

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Society of Vacuum Coaters 60th Annual Conference and Exhibition (TECHCON)

Russia Clients visiting


Russia Clients visiting our company and discuss about our products for their mar More>>

Great cooperation with Iran Clients


Great cooperation with Iran Clients More>>
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Low-e glass coating

Low E glass coatings work by reflecting or absorbing IR light (heat energy). The thickness of the Lo... More

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Supersonic arc spraying: a new surface treatment technology, which is based on the conventional arc ... More